The Beatles

Five Movies with The Beatles Music Being The Major Selling Point (part 1)

In 1964, people tried to convert the popularity of The Beatles’ music into box office success for the first time. With A Hard Days Night, United Artists attempted to cash in on the four lads from Liverpool as well as their “Mersey sound” before the bubble burst. As the decade wore on with Beatlemania refusing to become a passing fad, The Beatles were given some more star vehicles, the last of which was 1970’s Let It Be, which then won an Oscar for its soundtrack. Here I have created a list of films that rely on the enduring quality and popularity of Beatle music.

1. I Am Sam

”Major selling point” maybe a little unfair to such a touching, custody-battle movie like I Am Sam. Although The Beatles aren’t the film’s main focus, they run right through it like the name through a stick of rock.

I Am Sam was directed and edited with a Beatles soundtrack in mind. As director Jessie Nelson said, “I was so naive writing the script that I thought, ‘Oh, this wonderful. I will get 12 Beatles songs and we will just have them run through the movie’.”

Due to failing to secure the rights, he settled for covers instead. However, there wasn’t much space for the artists to experiment on their tracks. The film was already edited, so bands had to record to a click track to make their covers match the tempo of the originals.

2. All This And World War II

All This And World War Two is a collage of World War 2 newsreel footage and clips from old war movies. The visuals of the movie are backed by a collection of The Beatles covers, helping the film provide an anti-war message. The songs in All This And World War Two was intended to convey a commentary on the events onscreen.

Although the film has never been released on video or DVD, the soundtrack itself was released as a vinyl album.