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Top musical instruments you can easily learn to play (part 4)

  1. Percussion

A percussion is a musical instrument which is sounded by being scraped or struck by a beater; scraped, rubbed, or struck by hand; or struck against another instrument. Percussion plays a pivotal role in almost every style of music. Especially, in recent popular music culture, it is hard to name three hip-hop, rap, funk, rock, or even soul songs or charts which do not have percussive beat keeping the tune in time. Playing the percussion gives a lot of mind and body benefits. This assists both kids and adults with their motor skills and coordination.

  1. Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is another kind of stringed instrument which is similar in appearance and construction to the electric guitar, but having a longer neck and scale length with four to six strings. It is a transposing instrument that is primarily played with the fingers or thumb, by slapping, plucking, popping, tapping, thumping, strumming, or picking with a plectrum. The bass guitar is often a solo instrument in Latin, funk, jazz, jazz fusion, rock, and other metal styles. Learning to play the bass guitar is as challenging as learning to play the six string guitar. If you are not sure about your musical abilities, it is perfect to get started with the bass guitar. Players often have to memorize long chords with a regular guitar while you can play more songs with only single notes with a bass guitar. This is the reason why it is easier for new musical instruments players.

The role of the bass guitar player is working hand and glove with the drummer to provide the rhythmic impulse. Double bass guitar musicians are sought-out readily to perform in a professional capacity. It is much easier for a bass guitar player to find work than a guitar player. Moreover, like any other musical instrument, playing bass guitar produces a special kind of pleasure that affects your life positively. It is beneficial to your health, mental ability, personal life, social life, and other areas of your life.