Spenser Confidential

Netflix’s Spenser Confidential Soundtrack

Spenser Confidential is now on Netflix with a fantastic soundtrack. The movie touched down on Netflix on March 6th.Here we have put together the complete list of the songs that are featured throughout the action movie.

The new action movie of Netflix sees Winston Duke and Mark Wahlberg team up for a buddy-cop film where Spenser comes out of retirement in order to hunt down the killer of two Boston cops.

Unfortunately, in spite of starring Mark Wahlberg, you won’t be able to find the Funky Bunch and Marky Mark found in here with any of his hits like Wildside, You Gotta Believe, or Good Vibrations. Also in spite of starring Post Malone, no tracks of him feature either.

So who conducted the soundtrack for Spenser Confidential?

Steve Jablonsky provided for Spenser Confidential the soundtracks including 20 original songs.

Steve has more than 84 composer credits to his name with his notable hits consisting of the 2007 movie Transformers (which Mark Wahlberg later went onto star in), he also worked on the Desperate Housewives series. More recently, he did the soundtrack for Deepwater Horizon.

We have embedded below the official album release for the OST for Spenser Confidential.

List of Songs for Spenser Confidential

Here is the complete list of songs played in Spenser Confidential that do not belong to the original soundtrack which is conducted for the title.

Udigg – Germ

Opening – Essie Jain

Drive Me Crazy – Chinatown

Foreplay/Long Time – Boston

Supernatural Thin Pt. 1 – Ben E. King

Mississippi Queen – Mountain

Only Time – Jay Fresko

Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

Doa – Marcellus Juvann

Feels Like The First Time – Foreigner

Willin – Little Feat

Gasoline – Siege of Rhodes

Beast (Bioshock Infinite Extended Version) – Nico Vega

Amazing Grace

Jesus Promised Me A Home

Beneath The Sun

Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith

Black Betty – Lead Belly

Sweet Emotion – Leo Kottke Mike Gordon