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Top musical instruments you can easily learn to play (part 1)

Each person who loves music may have a different way to enjoy it. Some like to listen to the songs, hum the tunes, or play the musical instruments. Each person has his/her own choice in linking himself/herself to music. Some of those can actually compose music or play an instrument. It could be as a career choice or just as a hobby. There are many different kinds of instruments that we can learn to play through. Having the ability to play an instrument can bring us many advantages. Some use it as a kind of stress buster or meditation, some do this out of the passion for music, and others use it as a pastime. So, which instruments are the most popular ones that you can easily learn to play? This is the list of the top 15 easiest of them.

  1. Electronic Keyboard

The electronic piano, keyboards are very low maintenance and extremely versatile. Electronic keyboards can recreate a wide range of synthesizer tones and instrument sounds with less complex sound synthesis. They are great for recording and changing performance and have become popular with younger children nowadays. The main difference from a piano of a keyboard is that its sound is portable and produced electronically.

Electronic keyboards are commonly designed for home use, especially for beginners and non-professional users. As learning to play the piano, learning to play the electronic keyboard has some benefits such as developing the memory, concentration, focus skills, and fine motor skills.

  1. Recorder

The recorder is the perfect wind instrument to start learning to play musical instruments because it is cheap and seems to be treated as a good alternative to a real instrument. The recorder has an interesting history since its development was resumed in the twentieth century after being stopped for centuries. The recorder can be played by everyone, from the absolute starters to skilled professionals. A common benefit of learning to play recorder is that people don’t necessarily need a super-skilled teacher to teach them how to coordinate their tongue, their breath, and their fingers to play any tunes to a reasonable standard.