Across The Universe

Five Movies with The Beatles Music Being The Major Selling Point (part 2)

3. Give My Regards To Broad Street

In this maligned 1980s star vehicle, Paul McCartney performs some Beatles tracks, re-recorded with original producer George Martin.

After years toiling away in obscurity, McCartney has finally made it as a major recording artist. So he’s been offered a movie, in which he plays himself.

The Beatles were massive and McCartney was trading on those former glories. If there is anyone that should be allowed to cash in on The Beatles success, McCartney should be high on the list.

However, it would be hard to argue that our world really needed these new versions of Good Day Sunshine, The long and winding Road, or Eleanor Rigby without his erstwhile bandmates.

4. Across The Universe

Across The Universe has an attempt to twist the music of The Beatles into one long narrative musical style. It’s like Mamma Mia albeit bleaker in tone.

While the music of ABBA found success in a romance set on a picturesque island, Across The Universe covers death, conscription, deportation, and shell-shocked soldiers returning from Vietnam.

There is also space for some lighter stuff such as Eddie Izzard as trippy spiritual guru Mr. Kite. In addition to the leads are charming as various artists in the orbit of a 1960s New York City apartment owned by a suitably sexy Sadie.

The movie’s script finds room for all the Beatle references that you could ask for and find time to veer into the surreal territory in the final third.

The songs are given interesting arrangements that breath new life into old classics. Moreover, they’re all competently sung.

5. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Another jukebox musical, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is based on an off-broadway stage show. This fantasy was produced by rock manager Robert Stigwood, who also cast his own band The Bee Gees as leads, alongside Peter Frampton.

The movie uses most songs from the Beatle album of the same name as well as most of the tracks from Abbey Road and some from other albums.

One mystery, given how many Beatle songs that are given actual names of the women like Michelle, Elanor Rigby, Julia, etc…, is why this movie’s love interest is called Strawberry Fields.