Mariah Carey’s classic Christmas song takes the throne in the UK for the first time

Since its debut in 1994, the song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey has just won the first place on the charts of the land of fog.

According to Complete Music Update, Mariah Carey’s song All I Want for Christmas Is You just took the number one spot on the UK music chart. Since its release in 1994, the song has often returned to the charts every year-end, but the top spot is only at number two like the last three years.

Standing at Carey’s song is a classic hit every Christmas season: Wham’s Last Christmas.

Among competitors, this year’s festival season, LadBaby’s song Don, Stop Believin, ” is considered the heaviest. According to LadBaby, all proceeds from the music will be donated to charity. “I realize that two out of five families are dependent on subsidies. We have to do something so that their future doesn’t have to think about their meal every morning, ”said the artist’s representative.

Some of the songs that were heard a lot during this Christmas season include Jess Glynne’s This Christmas, Merry Christmas, Matt Lucas’s Baked Potato and Liam Gallagher’s All You’re Dreaming of.

“In a special year like 2020, for sure, Christmas will be more special than ever. And of course, the race for the songs is the highlight. The top artist of the festival chart will be announced by us on Christmas Eve ”, said Mr. Martin Talbot – Representative of Official Charts Company of UK.

“This year, the candidates are all aiming to take the number one title from LadBaby,” he added. But history has always shown that only fools predict who will win. It is the British public who decides that ”.

Before that, in the last two years, LadBaby was the name that won the Christmas week in the land of fog.

The 2021 Grammy nominee list received a backlash (Part 1)

The Weeknd found it unfair when he was not on the list of 2021 Grammy nominees. Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa said they were too used to this award is not fair.

On November 25, the American Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences announced the 2021 Grammy Award nominations list. If Beyoncé leads with 9 nominations, then The Weeknd is completely empty-handed. Many people are shocked because he owns one of the biggest hits of the year, Blinding Lights.

This year’s list of Grammy nominations is a hotly debated topic on social networks. Many artists even publicly criticized the organizers’ lack of transparency.

This year, The Weeknd has a strong comeback on the music track with a new album titled After Hours. The male singer’s project is highly appreciated by critics. On Metacritic, the album scored an average of 80/100 from more than 20 professionals. At the same time, The Weeknd also dominated many music charts. The song “Blinding Lights”’ alone has 33 weeks topped the top 5 and 40 weeks in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 – an unprecedented record on the chart.

The above achievement makes the absence of the male singer in all Grammy categories causing great controversy. Fans wondered why the anonymous 20-member nomination committee ignored After Hours – a work considered by the US press as a strong candidate for the Best Album category of the year.

The Weeknd itself also felt unfair and expressed on Twitter: “Grammy is increasingly degraded. They owe me and the fans transparency”. The male singer’s post attracts nearly 800,000 likes from fans.

According to a source from Variety, the Grammy organizers with The Weeknd’s crew had arose in the negotiation process of having the male singer perform in both events only a week apart, the Grammy and the match. Super Bowl 2021. Although the two sides have come to an agreement, The Weeknd’s lack of nominations is now considered a retaliation move from Grammy.

Demi Lovato was embarrassed by the behavior of her former lover

Hollywood newspaper said Max Ehrich’s statements made Demi Lovato increasingly ashamed of him.

According to the Daily Mail, Demi Lovato silently canceled kissing Max Ehrich. However, he repeatedly spoke on the media and confirmed “the story between me and Demi has not ended”.

Before the move of old love, the singer Sorry Not Sorry is said to feel both uncomfortable and ashamed. “Demi is ugly for Max and doesn’t want to contact him right now. Max’s behavior is making their relationship worse,” the source said.

On September 27, Ehrich posted a statement criticizing Lovato’s uncivilized farewell. He revealed that he has recently been busy filming in Atlanta, so he has less time to care for his girlfriend. He said his girlfriend did not announce the cancellation and that he only knew the news when he read the newspaper.

“How does it feel to know your love story through the newspapers?” Wrote Ehrich. At the same time, the actor deleted all Lovato photos on his personal account. He also confirmed that he will clarify with the vocalist Really Don’t Care to know the reason.

However, Hollywood newspaper denied Ehrich’s statement. Sheet E! News confirmed: “Ehrich deliberately lied to get attention. Obviously Demi had informed him. Demi’s decision to break up with the actor was strongly supported by her family”.

The former Disney princess ended her relationship with Ehrich on September 24. People wrote: “It was a difficult decision, but Demi and Max accepted to pursue their own path to focus completely on their career. They respect, love and always cherish moments together.”

Max Ehrich was indecently accused, wanting to take advantage of the female singer’s name to become more famous. In turn, Lovato’s family, including sister Dallas Lovato and best friend Matthew Scott Montgomery, all clicked to unfollow the actor Young and the Restless on social networks.

Before that, Ehrich was dug up for tweets expressing feelings for Selena Gomez before getting engaged to Lovato. Ehrich was quick to deactivate his Twitter account after this commotion.

Demi Lovato publicly dated Max Ehrich in May. Both appeared in the MV Stuck With U played by Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

Robert Pattinson is positive for Covid-19

The actor is on quarantine to treat Covid-19. The crew “The Batman” also had to pause all activities.

On September 4, Vanity Fair reported that Robert Pattinson was positive for nCoV after just a few days of filming The Batman in the UK. The producer has also halted production to test for team members.

A member of The Batman team was positive for Covid-19. Currently, this person is quarantined and treated. The recording performance Batman temporarily stopped.

The producers do not disclose who is infected with Covid-19. But from reputable sources, Vanity Fair has confirmed that actor Robert Pattinson is a corona virus. This page has also contacted the representative of male star Twilight but has not received a response.

This information makes the audience worried about the health condition of Pattinson. On Twitter, fans sent messages hoping for the actor to quickly recover. “Can’t believe Robert Pattinson was infected with the virus”, “Is that really Robert? I just finished watching Tenet “,” I hope you get well soon “,” We all hope you get well and return to the screen soon “…

On August 23, at the DC FanDome event, director Matt Reeves explained why he chose Robert Pattinson for the role of Batman. “Robert is a good actor. I feel the movies he has been involved in for the past six years are wonderful works.

He’s also an avid Batman fan like me. Robert’s looks are similar to Batman, but importantly, he has the ability to give audiences a Batman image they’ve never seen before, ”he said.

Even director Christopher Nolan supported Robert Pattinson in the role of Batman: “When Pattinson first took on the role of Batman, we never brought up this issue when talking to each other. Until Tenet was near filming, I made fun of him and shared my experience with the dark superhero image. I’m glad that Pattinson was chosen.”

Top 10 Kpop singers and groups famous for their talents (Part 3)

Akdong Musician (AKMU)

Being the champion of the Kpop Star music competition season 2, the two members of the group, Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun, had a fairly stable fan base before debuting on April 7, 2014 under management of YG Entertainment. AKMU’s debut album is Play, which consists of 11 songs and all of them were composed by Lee Chan Hyuk. After a short time of release, the album topped the music charts, contributing to confirm the names of these two group brothers. The boss of YG Entertainment once praised AKMU’s music as “not being polluted by the tangible things in this world”. 

Akdong Musician (AKMU): Nhóm nhạc anh em đến từ YG -


Dubbed as the perfect talented group, because the 4 members of the group all have beautiful looks, are talented in music and leave many marks when participating in dramas. In 2010, the song “I’m A Loner” helped CNBLUE skyrocket to stars, spectacularly snatching the trophy on Music Bank show just 15 days after its debut. CNBLUE is more of a pop-rock genre and often plays the instrument themselves when they perform. The members of CNBLUE all have a very handsome appearance, the group’s music products do not focus on choreography but are more inclined to show songs, so fans still easily collapse whenever the group appears and takes off. singing.


When Korean music became a phenomenon with powerful idol groups, Davichi completely conquered the audience with his own voice. The group consists of only 2 members, Lee Hea-ri and Kang Min-kyung. Born in 2008, the group has won many awards in many categories for the best new girl group. With the advantage of the two members’ soaring vocals, Davichi’s music products are always refined by top producers such as Park Keun Tea, Cho Young Soo, Kim Do Hoon… Music style of the group leaning towards Ballad and R&B music, the melodious, warm and charismatic songs performed by Davichi easily enter the audience so the group is considered a new wind blowing into the Korean music market.

Con đường ca hát rải đầy hoa hồng của nhóm nhạc quốc bảo Davichi ...

IU As one of the most talented young female artists in Korea, IU is not only a singer and songwriter but also a talented actress and professional MC. On April 16, 2009, IU released her first album titled Growing Up with the song “Boo”, within 3 days “Boo” climbed to No. 1 on the SBS chart. Although when IU first entered Kpop, IU was almost lost in the middle of countless beautiful and charming female stars. However, with her real talent, IU has conquered all listeners with real music by herself. Gradually growing up in the music industry, IU also composed self-performed songs or extremely famous soundtracks, she also focused more on building choreography for songs. With that effort, IU has gradually become a top artist among many Korean stars.

Top 10 Kpop singers and groups famous for their talents (Part 2)

Jin Young

Known as the leader of B1A4, Jin Young is becoming more and more popular thanks to her talents and abilities. Jin Young is a multi-talented singer because in addition to his singing ability, he can also compose, act and produce music. Most of B1A4’s songs are composed and produced by the group leader. Jin Young is also known for his outstanding acting, which can be mentioned as Moonlight Cloud, Invincible Girl… Possessing a handsome face, a strange voice with rare talent. Yes, Jin Young is increasingly asserting himself, his name in the domestic music market.

Đôi lời gửi đến chàng trai tháng 11 ngọt... - B1A4 Jin Young Vietnam ...


 G-Dragon is known as a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and a fashion icon. Although he always ranks himself on the list of idol singers, but Korean fans and music critics consider him an artist. G-Dragon’s name not only narrowed in Korea but also spread to the world, loved by the European music market – which is considered the most difficult music market for Kpop. G-Dragon’s music is based on Hip Hop music, influenced by the music of The Wu – Tang Clan. This singer started his music career with his debut album, Heartbreaker, an album that marked G-Dragon’s change of image and maturity, and also demonstrated G-Dragon’s talent in music when combined. Various styles of music such as R&B, Hip Hop, rock and dance. 


Tập tin:FT Island from acrofan.jpg – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

FTIsland stands for Five Treasure Island which was established by the five-member company FNC including Lee Hongki, Lee Jea Jin, Choi Jong Hun, Choi Min Hwan, Song Seung Hyun. The main music of the group is rock ballad. After releasing their debut album in 2007, FTIsland continuously released pop / rock song hits. The initial success set the stage for the group to expand overseas activities with a concert program in Malaysia and their debut album in Japan. FTIsland lies between the idol and artist boundaries. Although FTIsland has no dancing talent, FTIsland continuously captures fans through his professional music works such as Love Sick, I Hope …

Top 10 Kpop singers and groups famous for their talents (Part 1)

Referring to Kpop, we still often think of countless idol groups, singers with attractive looks and well-polished performances.

Among these countless stars, there are many people who flash up and then go out again, but there are also many groups and singers who always keep their positions and grow more and more thanks to their real talent.

Lee Hi

Lee Hi is also in the singer school that focuses on vocal rather than flashy choreography. She is the runner-up of the Kpop Star competition in the first season. Lee Hi’s popularity started resounding since MV was released, within 1 month it became a Kpop phenomenon, bringing her reputation to the world. Lee Hi’s talent has contributed to making the Korean music market more and more noticed and appreciated by the world’s music fans.

Lee Hi chính thức chấm dứt hợp đồng với YG Entertainment | Chuyện ...


Passionate about music from a young age, along with her talent for music, at the age of 16 she composed a song called “Boy”. She entered professional music in Japan then developed her career in Korea. Juniel won the first prize in the Nijiiro Super Nova music talent contest and was named the new version of Utada Hikaru. Compared to senior singers, Juniel chooses a different style of music that is singing with guitar instruments in his own songs. In the trend of “comprehensive entertainer”, Juniel clearly asserted herself as a singer by expressing her musical color and she herself also revealed that she has no interest in dance music or acting. export.


Đây là lý do vì sao người hâm mộ lại nói rằng TVXQ vừa nhập ngũ ...

TVXQ is the perfect idol model that currently no Kpop idol group can surpass. As one of the groups representing the success of Kpop internationally, TVXQ has paved the way for Kpop to penetrate the Japanese market. The group was formed in 2003 by SM Entertainment with the combination of 5 boys Yunho, Jeajong, Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin. In addition, TVXQ also set the record for the group with the largest official fanclub in the world and the group. The first music to surpass the 5-year curse of Kpop. TVXQ members can sing live well, professional choreography is even capable of singing acapella. In addition to exciting music and excellent choreography, TVXQ also conquered the audience with gentle ballads that go deep into people’s hearts like Loving you, Picture of you.

Why Ariana Grande was dubbed the Billboard record? (Part 2)

“Billboard family record” with achievements hard to overcome

In 2018, Ariana Grande surpassed many famous seniors like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift to win the Woman of the Year by Billboard magazine. This title is based on the achievements that the female singer born in 1993 made in music.

Billboard Magazine has recorded Ariana Grande as the artist holding the top three positions on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time, since the similar achievement of the band The Beatles in 1964. The singer earned this achievement. thanks to 3 songs Thank U, Next; 7 Rings; Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored.

ky luc gia Billboard anh 1

Ariana Grande is considered a flexible singer with a high voice, resonance, comparable to Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston.

In addition, Ariana Grande is also a female artist with many songs appearing at the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time (11 songs on the album Thank U, Next ), beating the achievement of 9 songs that Cardi B had previously made. there with the album Invasion of Privacy. This achievement helped her to be on par with Beyoncé to become the only two female artists in history to have all the songs in an album and also appeared on the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2020, with an impressive collaboration with Lady Gaga in the song Rain On M e , Ariana Grange became the first artist to debut 2 No.1 songs in less than a year ( Rain On Me and Stuck With U ). Before Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey was the only female artist to make this historic achievement with two songs, Fantasy and One Sweet Day in 1995.

ky luc gia Billboard anh 2

Thus, during 3 consecutive years from 2018 to 2020, Ariana Grande has brought her 4 debut songs to No. 1, opening with hit Thank U, Next until the latest comeback is Rain On Me . Collecting impressive achievements at a young age, it is not difficult to understand when Ariana Grande was dubbed the “Billboard record”. In the future, fans hope that the female singer will shine even more, continue to impress with the impressive numbers in the music when she returns to the new product.

Why Ariana Grande was dubbed the ‘Billboard record’? (Part 1)

Thanks to the impressive music achievement, Ariana Grande was dubbed by the audience as a “Billboard record”. The singer promises to shine even more in the future.

Ariana Grande is not a star many times ranked number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart but it is the first to own up to 4 hits leading this prestigious chart right after being released. Ariana Grande’s journey of growing from a young actress to “picking fresh fruit to world music” made the audience proud.

ky luc gia Billboard anh 1

Ariana Grande has shown her passion and musical talent since she was a child. During her high school days, she worked hard on her abilities to achieve her dreams.

At the age of 14, she went to Los Angeles alone to meet many artist managers and expressed her hope to record an R&B album. However, due to being too young, Ariana Grande’s hopes were mistaken. Many advised her to return to school to continue studying instead of embarking on a tough musical path at an early age.

Ariana Grande showed her personality and passion for music as a child.

At the age of 15, Ariana Grande became interested in acting after receiving her first role in the thirteenth play on Broadway. The success of this role made her more motivated to enter the entertainment industry.

ky luc gia Billboard anh 2

In 2009, Ariana Grande starred in the television series Victorious . She plays the role of Cat Valentine, a naive girl, childish with characteristic red hair. The work resonated loudly, attracting more than 5.7 million viewers worldwide and contributed to the popularization of Ariana Grande.

Acting as a foundation for her music career, Ariana Grande did not forget to post a series of videos that she covered the songs of famous singers. Thanks to her strong, powerful voice, she attracted the attention of CEO Republic Records and brought back her first recording contract.

From here, Ariana Grande in turn conquered the brilliant milestones in her career. From a “horizontal hand” girl, she became one of the most successful young stars in the world in just 4 years.