Month: October 2020

Demi Lovato was embarrassed by the behavior of her former lover

Hollywood newspaper said Max Ehrich’s statements made Demi Lovato increasingly ashamed of him.

According to the Daily Mail, Demi Lovato silently canceled kissing Max Ehrich. However, he repeatedly spoke on the media and confirmed “the story between me and Demi has not ended”.

Before the move of old love, the singer Sorry Not Sorry is said to feel both uncomfortable and ashamed. “Demi is ugly for Max and doesn’t want to contact him right now. Max’s behavior is making their relationship worse,” the source said.

On September 27, Ehrich posted a statement criticizing Lovato’s uncivilized farewell. He revealed that he has recently been busy filming in Atlanta, so he has less time to care for his girlfriend. He said his girlfriend did not announce the cancellation and that he only knew the news when he read the newspaper.

“How does it feel to know your love story through the newspapers?” Wrote Ehrich. At the same time, the actor deleted all Lovato photos on his personal account. He also confirmed that he will clarify with the vocalist Really Don’t Care to know the reason.

However, Hollywood newspaper denied Ehrich’s statement. Sheet E! News confirmed: “Ehrich deliberately lied to get attention. Obviously Demi had informed him. Demi’s decision to break up with the actor was strongly supported by her family”.

The former Disney princess ended her relationship with Ehrich on September 24. People wrote: “It was a difficult decision, but Demi and Max accepted to pursue their own path to focus completely on their career. They respect, love and always cherish moments together.”

Max Ehrich was indecently accused, wanting to take advantage of the female singer’s name to become more famous. In turn, Lovato’s family, including sister Dallas Lovato and best friend Matthew Scott Montgomery, all clicked to unfollow the actor Young and the Restless on social networks.

Before that, Ehrich was dug up for tweets expressing feelings for Selena Gomez before getting engaged to Lovato. Ehrich was quick to deactivate his Twitter account after this commotion.

Demi Lovato publicly dated Max Ehrich in May. Both appeared in the MV Stuck With U played by Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.