Month: November 2019

Ten Best Songs From A Star Is Born (part 1)

Undoubtedly one of the best movies from 2019, A Star Is Born was an exceptionally emotional journey that audiences couldn’t help but fall in love with. Bradley Cooper directed, starred in, and helped write this remake of the 1937 film; it’s now clear there was no one better for the job. After receiving incredible critical success, A Star Is Born was nominated for and won several impressive awards.

The emotional core of the movie is presented through music. Main characters Jack, played by Cooper and Ally, played by Lady Gaga, both speak the truth through their songs. Out of the many beautiful songs written for the movie, here are the top ten.

10. Is that alright?

One of Ally’s self-written singles, “Is That Alright?” is essentially Ally’s proclamation of her love for Jackson. The up and coming singer really seems to put her heart into every verse, adding to the emotion of the lyrics themselves.

We are given quite a few songs where Jackson describes his love for Ally. This love song, written from her perspective, gives audiences another glimpse at what makes their relationship truly special.

9. Alibi

Ally is extremely trepidacious about accepting Jackson’s invitation to attend his concert. Eventually, she relents, and upon arriving is treated to Jackson singing what might have been one of his more popular songs.

Alibi seemed like a true rock song that only a big star would be able to pull off. Seeing Jackson performing live for the first time, it was fitting that Ally watched him sing such a cool tune with even cooler lyrics.

8. Diggin’ my grave

At the peak of Jackson and Ally’s success as a duo, they performed Diggin’ My Grave for the first time in front of a large audience. Not only does the song sound simply sound great, but it also holds within it a heavy dose of foreshadowing for the end of the film.

The song speaks about death and the loved ones left behind that will have to bury the singer once he/she is gone. At the end of the movie, after Jackson tragically decides to take his own life, it’s Ally who ends up wearing black and, in a sense, digging his grave.

Swedish company building hubs Space to Open Stockholm Gaming and Music Center in 2021

Space, a Swedish company building hubs for music, gaming, and content creation, has announced its first location in the public square of Stockholm, Sergels Torg. The 7,500 sq. m (80,729. sq. ft.), seven-floor area will feature the largest permanent esports venue in Europe, music recording studios, and co-working spaces. It is expected to open in the first half of 2021.

The company is co-founded by Gustav Käll; currently head of the esports music label Enter Records, Lars Bloomberg; chairman and partner of the center’s architecture partner DAP Group, and Per Sundin; former managing director of Universal Music Sweden. Sundin is CEO of Pop House Sweden—majority-owned by ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus and EQT founder Conni Jonsson – which has invested an undisclosed amount into Space.

Käll worked with Sundin when he joined Universal Music in 2016, after leaving Clutch Entertainment. He told The Esports Observer that a gaming center had been an idea of his for the last five years. Käll said, “I have seen the gaming center as not the puzzle’s final piece, but a very important part in the growth of esports.” , “It makes it accessible for everything – not everyone can buy high-end computers today. It just enables esports and gaming to become more mainstream.”

Space Stockholm is planned to be fitted with 500 high-end PC gaming spaces, and areas for console and VR gaming. The company is expecting 5,000 visitors a day and is currently developing an app for customers to pay by the hour to use its facilities. A membership program will also grant visitors access to the hub’s three floors of co-working spaces, gym, Space Club (with a 23 year age limit), and free hours for the gaming machines.

As well as its music studios, the center will also feature video and podcast production facilities. Käll said he would like to operate Enter Records from Space Stockholm, though this is not confirmed yet. “I don’t want to create tension by saying this, but if Elon can do it, anyone can do it,” he said. “I’m very fortunate to have extremely talented colleagues around me. At this moment, I see no issue doing both.”

Sweden’s recent landmarks in gaming, music, and tech include the late electronic musician and songwriter Avicii, streaming platforms Soundcloud and Spotify, and game developers King and Mojang. Swedish media firm Modern Times Group, which owns the digital festival company DreamHack, is also a majority owner of ESL. Next year, the city of Stockholm will host The International, the biggest Dota 2 tournament of 2020.

Anna König Jerlmyr, mayor of Stockholm said, “Space Stockholm, with its unique location at the heart of Sweden’s capital, is poised to become a cultural landmark – not only for the city, but for the entire country.” “It promises a bright future for Sergels Torg by creating a modern, progressive hub for digital culture.”

Four Sports Movie Songs Getting You Fired Up

Sports movie songs is a great way to fire up a team, an event, or yourself. There are many sports movie songs that have appeared in films over the years. Some are just thrown into an overall soundtrack, but here are the top four sports movie songs that can get you fire up.

1. Wildthing (Major League)

In 1989, the Cubs had won the division for a second time in a decade, which at the time (and still today) is pretty unheard of. One of the star players on that team was Mitch Williams, or known by his nickname, Wild Thing. In the same year, the movie Major League opened in April at the start of the baseball season, and the character Rick Vaughn of Charlie Sheen was nicknamed, Wild Thing. Each enjoyed hearing The Runaways version of the song blaring through the loud speakers. FYI there are a couple F bombs in this movie clip.

2. Fight to Survive (Bloodsport)

Jean Claude Van Damn was a pretty awesome fighter before he became a household name, and before he became old and wrinkled. Bloodsport is one of the best demonstrations of his skills. Accompanying the martial arts montage is the first album title track Fight to Survive of the band White Lion.

3. Centerfield (Bull Durham)

The fun boys of summer song Centerfield by John Fogerty are always a great anthem for baseball. And Bull Durham encapsulates this song in the film. Baseball is meant to fun, carefree, and loose. The song Wild Thing fits the tough, intimidating pitcher; however, Centerfield embraces the fun of going to a ballgame, and the joy of baseball.

4. Eye of the Tiger (Rocky III)

Rocky series has some potential songs that can have made the cut for this list. The biggest hit of the six movies was Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. It was the theme of the entire film, and one that can be heard in high school locker rooms and gymnasiums everywhere.